2017 WNAAD Telesummit

Access to all the expert interviews are complimentary for a limited time starting June 1st. You can listen at your leisure.

We (your hosts, Bree Bonchay, LCSW and Athena Moberg, CPC) have hand-picked speakers who have unparalleled expertise in their fields… who are devoted to helping people and raising awareness… who we have the utmost respect for… and who we knew could shed light on all aspects of narcissistic abuse and trauma recovery. Also, we would like you to know that every speaker enthusiastically offered their time, and volunteered their support of WNAAD's mission despite their very hectic schedules… which speaks volumes about their passion and dedication to their field and helping others.

Here is a list of the speakers and topics that will be presented at this year’s event.




Sandra L. Brown, MA-  Why It's More Than Just Being an 'Empath'--Understanding the Personality Science Behind Why You Are Targeted

richard grannon

Richard Grannon- Emotional Literacy, Ferocity of Intent, How To Stop Emotional Flashbacks


Lori Gill, MA- Neurological and Physiological Implications of Trauma

lisa a romano - headshot

Lisa Romano - The Dynamics Between Codependency and Narcissism- Why Do Codependents Attract Narcissists?


William Brennan, ME.D, LMHC, CAP-E.M.D.R Treatment- Healing The Aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse

Christine Louis de Cannonville-high res

Christine Louis de Cannonville-The Pathological Behaviors of Narcissistic Mothers

steve becker

Steve Becker, LCSW, CH.T- The Red Flags of Psychopathic Personalities


HG Tudor-Inside the Mind of A Narcissist- What The Narcissist Thinks When You Go 'No Contact" and The Most Effective Strategies to Release Their Hold On You 

jennifer young

Jennifer Young, LMHC- Has the Narcissist Really Changed with New Partner?

sherri renner

Sherri Renner, JD- Legal Battles with Cluster B Individuals in Family Court: What to Expect, When to Prepare, and How to Survive the Crucible

Heather Tuba

Heather Tuba, BA, Supporting A Partner With Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

kami lingren

Kami Lindgren, BA - Life Beyond Pain


Tina Fuller, CPC- Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

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