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May 2021

Vanessa Reiser 

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"What I want the world to know is that narcissism is not about selfies. As a psychotherapist, I know the clinical criteria someone has to meet to be diagnosed as a narcissist, but I did not know the true meaning of what narcissistic abuse was and what it was like for the victims who lived with it, until I started to research. I am now part of a tribe; a group of special superheroes who have survived it."

-Vanessa Reiser


Vanessa Reiser is a clinical therapist who will run a 285-mile narcissistic abuse run in a wedding dress on May 17, 2021.

In the one-woman, 12-day race, she will start in Oswego, New York, passing through Manhattan and other counties, with the goal to raise awareness about narcissistic abuse. In total, she will run a total of almost 11 marathons.

After Vanessa experienced narcissistic abuse, she decided to be proactive. As a result of her adverse experience, Vanessa created the run and also a non-profit, Tell A Therapist, with the priority to connect people around the nation with clinicians in their region who specialize in narcissistic abuse and recovery therapy services.

“What I want the world to know is that narcissism is not about selfies,” Vanessa said.

“The damage that true narcissists cause is so tremendous…the daily circular conversations, the gaslighting, the lack of empathy, the controlling behaviors, the isolation, manipulation, insatiable attention-seeking, addictive behaviors, anxiousness, entitled thinking,” she shared.

Through her run, her goal is to raise $200,000 that she will donate to domestic violence centers in the counties where she runs. For a map of Vanessa’s 285-mile route, click here. To support Vanessa, go to Tell A Therapist at

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